Too Many Things – Seinfeld and the culture of possessions

Around this time of the year when many presents are exchanged and loved ones receive tokens of love called gifts, this short monologue by Jerry Seinfeld reminds us that there may be too many “things” in our lives. While this is humorous, there is some truth to what he has to say. I think you will be able to identify with some of the concepts he explains.

NOTE: The funny part starts at 1:13 seconds into the routine.

Desert Minimalism

Relocation to Arizona enhanced our appreciation of simple pleasures. Instead of holiday candles flickering in every window of a two story colonial home, we’ve come to embrace lesser pleasures. We drape strings of white lights onto dual urns of twisted myrtle in our courtyard and enjoy a similar strand on the tall dried agave spike on our back patio. Holidays happen wherever you find yourself to be!!!

Courtyard Holiday Lights - Twisted Myrtle

Holiday Lights - Back Patio Agave Spike

Disabled Doesn’t Mean UN-Abled: Maysoon Zayid -I got 99 problems… palsy is just one

This is a wonderful video. It reminds us of the strength of the human will. If you watch this video, you will find it funny, entertaining and poignant. Read below to see the description of the video/performance.

“I have cerebral palsy. I shake all the time,”Maysoon Zayid announces at the beginning of this exhilarating, hilarious talk. (Really, it’s hilarious.) “I’m like Shakira meets Muhammad Ali.” With grace and wit, the Arab-American comedian takes us on a whistle-stop tour of her adventures as an actress, stand-up comic, philanthropist and advocate for the disabled.

STATUS QUOtes – 20141223

“The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers But above all the world needs dreamers who do.” — Sarah Breathnach

“What we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.” — Albert Pike

“The thermometer of success is merely the jealousy of the malcontents.” ― Salvador Dali

“If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.” ― James Goldsmith

Holiday Tree

Growing cultivated plants can be hard here in the desert; in fact we’ve used the term “Gardening on the Moon” to describe our ongoing efforts here in the Valley of the Sun. Most growth that arises naturally from the sand is subtle shades of green that frequently turn to grey and brown as the season progresses. Anything cultivated requires a delicate balance of watering, and protection from wildlife and the inconsistencies of a harsh climate.

Amaranth in the Desert

But occasionally small miracles happen! Years ago we planted an amaranth (Amaranthus) from seed that was short-lived because they proved perfect fodder for ravaging javelinas (think “wild pig”, although they are in the peccary family). Every spring, a “volunteer” from the original would surface; mostly to be met with the same fate as its predecessors. But this year’s candidate has been a “stayer”!! It has grown nearly four feet high and its thick red stalk has resisted the javelinas’ gnawing (teeth marks are evident!). It provides a bright splash of deep red color on our back deck and is a wonderful reminder of the perseverance of nature!