Altar Ego – From Church To Skate Park

An abandoned church in Llanera, Spain has been turned into a skate park by a group known as La Iglesia Skate. It started small and picked up advocates along the way and has since been noticed globally.

From Church to Skate Park
Picture courtesy of Church Brigade

Instagram Church Skate
Before and After pictures of Church Transformation to a Skate Park Picture Via Instagram

You can read more of the story here:

Mental Floss

Church Brigade

Padel – Pickleball or Racquetball on Steroids

Padel is a relatively unknown sport and although I get many blank stares and “huhs?” when I mention pickleball, I find that less people know about padel which is popular in Spain and other countries around the globe. Watch the video below and decide if you would like to try it.

See (below) how some of the best players in the world play the game. Notice how they can go outside the court and hit the ball back into the court to keep it in play!

For more information, contact:

5535 Memorial Drive, Suite F-603. Houston (77007) Texas
Tel. 713-539-3110

So…what do you think?

Pickleball is Growing F…A…S…T

Two new countries have been formally recognized through their pickleball associations as members of the International Federation of Pickleball (IFP) community.

The UK Pickleball Association and the French Pickleball Association join the USA, Canada, Spain and India as members of the IFP.

If you want to read more about this, visit Jennifer Lucore’s website where she has Part 1 of an article about the International Pickleball Tournament 2015.

There is a quick, entertaining video showing some scenes from the tournament in Spain.

Of course those of us who have taken to the sport don’t have to be told that pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the USA and perhaps the worldand FUN!