Rembrandt With An Asterisk

The video below raises some interesting questions about the nature of art and who or what is an artist. A group of computer scientists had Rembrandt’s paintings analyzed by computers. The computers crunched the data and determined what elements were part of a typical Rembrandt painting. Once the information was thus analyzed, the computer was tasked with creating a Rembrandt painting of its own.

The result was quite remarkable and perhaps anyone who was an art scholar would declare that it was a heretofore unknown Rembrandt. The video, The Next Rembrandt, is very interesting in both concept and the questions is raises.

Published on Apr 5, 2016

“Blurring the boundaries between art and technology, we set out on a challenge to see if the great Master can be brought back to life to create a new painting.”


Photography: Don’t Check Your Cameras When Flying

The video below shows how baggage is sometimes “sorted” or directed to certain places when moving down the conveyor belt. Imagine if you had your valuable camera or computer equipment in one of these bags and it shifted close to the edge where the arm hits it.

Warning: Don’t Check Your Cameras When Flying

Airport Baggage System pushers at an international airport somewhere. How does the pusher know when to push the bag in the center without spinning it? Only those with brains in advanced technology know!

If you do have to check your equipment or give it up to someone else, try to make sure it is well-padded!